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Who Are We?

We are a community of multigenerational and multicultural Spirit-filled believers who are passionate about worship, focused on Bible-centered teaching, and committed to authentic discipleship.​
Our banners are FAITH, HOPE, & LOVE. ​
We exist to serve God and others through a heart of compassion, service, and humility.

Welcome to Dover World Outreach Church of God. I have been humbled and blessed to be given the opportunity to serve as the pastor of this local fellowship. 


Here at our church we gather together to unite under one vision to become strengthened in our spirit so that we can become successful in building strong families who love the Lord.  Our service times consist of anointed worship and powerful teaching and preaching.  It is an honor and privilege to minister to all members of the family from young to old, male or female, meeting every need to bring wholesome and godly living.  There is a place for everyone to fit in our church family.  As we worship and bond together in a spirit of unity we find our positions in the body of Christ, bringing  the fulfillment that every believer longs for in their life.


It is my prayer that we break the boundaries and the limitations that have held back the body of Christ from reaching out and fulfilling the purpose of the Body through Christ.  Together we will breakthrough every stronghold and live the abundant life that God has intended for us. Will you join forces with us and become the believer that God intended you to be?  We will welcome you with open arms.


In His love,


Pastor Jean Pearce

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